The Titan people of Papua New Guinea have been fishing the same coral reefs for over 40,000 years. But now, for the first time ever, they are running out of fish. The demands of the modern world are clashing with their traditional ways and with the limits of what the environment can support. Their very survival depends finding a way to protect the reefs and still feed their families.

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This film is available for viewing through the Ocean Channel. PLAY MOVIE
The Nature Conservancy recently published an article about the film and their work to preserve the coral reefs and cultures of Papua New Guinea. READ ARTICLE
The Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association interviewed Jordan Plotsky about the making of the film. READ ARTICLE

Film Festivals

Mill Valley
Wild and Scenic
San Francisco Ocean Film Festival (***Winner of the Culture Award***)
Telluride Mountain
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Broadcast Television

PBS series “Natural Heroes”
Al Jazeera International series “Witness”


Completed in: 2006
Running Time: 18 min.


Executive Producer:
Stephen Downes
Producer/Director: Jordan Plotsky
Narration: Marisiale Tunoka
Editor: Jordan Plotsky
Camera: Jordan Plotsky, Eric Henningsen
Music: Pere String Band, Oli Wilson, Pete McIver